What Are Some Small Woodworking Projects for Kids?


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Suitable woodworking projects for children include toys, simple furniture, playhouses, scooters and stilts. Young children's projects should be focused primarily on teaching them to safely use woodworking tools rather than producing a polished finished product.

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First projects need not be elaborate. Having children hammer nails into a tree is a simple way to provide practice at this essential woodworking skill. Bottle caps and other lids can be nailed into trees to simulate wheels. Children also love painting their finished projects. As children advance in their skills, their projects can become more elaborate. Parents can encourage children to continue developing their woodworking skills by displaying their finished projects in a special area.

Woodworking is an excellent hobby for children because it develops their creative thinking, problem-solving skills, and coordination. Children can complete a wide array of projects once they have learned to use woodworking tools safely. The best way to teach children how to use woodworking tools is to slowly introduce skills one at a time. Children older than 3 should use real tools that are sized for children, while younger children should practice with toy tools. Adults should supervise children of all ages at all times when they are working in the wood shop.

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