What Are Some Small Weaving Looms?


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Some small weaving looms are the Schacht zoom loom, square pin loom, Beka weaving frame, KA square weaving loom and Ashford folding table loom. The LeClerc Dorothy table loom, Glimakra tapestry loom, Kromski rigid heddle loom and Navajo loom are also small weaving looms.

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The Schacht zoom loom and square pin loom are four-by-four, hand-held pin looms that use a frame. The KA square weaving loom is also a four-by-four, hand-held loom; however, the crafter weaves on a card. The inkle loom is a narrow, wooden frame and includes the Schacht and Ashford inkle looms.

Table looms are larger than hand-held pin and card looms and sit comfortably on a small table. Some table looms are Ashfold folding, Ashford Katie, Glimakra Victoria, Leclerc Dorothy and Leclerc Voyageur table looms. These devices operate with hand or foot treadles and work with four, eight and 12 shafts for complex weaving.

The Ashford tapestry loom, Beka weaving frame, Ashfold frame, Glimakra tapestry loom and Harrisville tapestry loom are tapestry, or frame, looms. Mirrix and Navajo looms are a part of this group. These devices can sit in the lap or on a table.

Kromski, Ashford, Beka, Glimakra and Harrisville Easy Weave rigid heddle looms are similar to table and tapestry looms. These two-harness looms weave lightweight pieces, such as dish towels, place mats, scarves and shawls.

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