What Is an SLR Camera?


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An SLR camera, or single-lens reflex camera, uses a mirror and prism configuration that allows a photographer to see exactly what the lens sees, and as a result exactly what will be captured by a photograph. This means that SLR cameras produce much more accurate photographs compared to standard viewfinder cameras.

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The Advantages of Using an SLR Camera

SLR cameras, especially digital models, have a number of advantages over standard cameras, the most notable of which is the sheer versatility of the device. An SLR camera can be used to capture anything from high-detail shots of flowers or people, to wide-angle landscapes or environmental shots, which means they are a popular choice with both amateur and professional photographers.

A choice of lenses adds another dimension to an SLR camera, which allows a photographer to enhance their style or subject through differing contrast, color and angles. This means that unless the camera suffers damage, changing and evolving a photography style will not require a different camera, simply a different lens.

When a photograph is taken on SLR cameras, there is next to no lag time between the button press and the image capture. This makes the SLR an excellent choice for action photography.

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