How Is a Slatt's Rescue Belt, or Paracord Belt, Made?

How Is a Slatt's Rescue Belt, or Paracord Belt, Made?

A paracord belt, also called a Slatt's rescue belt, is made by creating a series of loops and pushing a length of folding rope through the loops, repeating until the desired length is reached. The belt coordinates well with casual clothing and keeps dozens of feet of strong paracord at the wearer's waist that can be quickly unraveled for emergency use.

Some paracord artisans find it easier to use a crochet hook, knitting needle or similar tool for picking up the loops when making the belt, but the belt can be made with fingers alone.

  1. Connect to belt buckle
  2. Feed the paracord around the horizontal bar on a belt buckle to make enough loops to fill in the buckle. Push the short end of the paracord back through the loops and pull tight.

  3. The first bight
  4. Bend the paracord in half to create a bight. Push the bight through the loops on the belt buckle. The bend in the bight should hang out in a small loop at the end.

  5. Creating new loops
  6. Hold the looped bight with one hand. Pick up the paracord between the loops, using fingers or a picking tool. Lift up to make short loops between the previous loops.

  7. Tightening the loops
  8. Turn each loop, including the bight end, so the loops face to the side. Feed a new bight through the loops as you did with the first bight. Pull the loops from left to right to tighten. Repeat this process, creating loops and pushing bights through, until the desired length is achieved.

  9. Connecting second buckle
  10. Loop the long end of the paracord once around the second belt buckle piece. Feed the end through one of the loops on the belt. Make a second loop on the buckle and feed it back through the second belt loop, repeating this for all the loops. Tie the paracord in a square knot and cut the excess length to finish the belt.