What Are Some Slacking Games for Girls?


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Some slacking games for girls include "Sleep Slacking," "Dinosaur Slacking," "Chocolate Factory Slacking," "Dance Class Slacking" and "Baby Zoe Cleaning Slacking," as of 2015. Other slacking games are available on sites such as GirlGames.com, GirlsGames123.com and Slacking-Games.com.

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The general focus on slacking games for girls is to take control of a character in various situations as she attempts to avoid completing her duties or tasks without being caught by some form of authority. For example, in the game "Baby Zoe Cleaning Slacking," the player takes control of the titular Baby Zoe as she attempts to avoid completing her cleaning chores. The player uses the mouse to interact with different elements of the game to slack off without her mother noticing her. If her mother catches her avoiding her chores, the game ends and starts over.

Other slacking games follow this pattern, prompting the player to avoid responsibility and skirt authority through lazy behavior. The games often feature bright and colorful graphics and use environments familiar to young girls, such as dance classes or sleepovers. The games do not encourage a lack of responsibility but instead take a fun approach to the childlike distaste for structure and following rules. Each game also incorporates elements of its theme into the gameplay, either in terms of the authority figure of the slacking tasks.

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