What Are Some Skateboarding Games for PlayStation?


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Some skateboarding games for Sony PlayStation consoles include “Tony Hawk's Proving Ground” on the PS2 and “Skate 3” on the PS3. “Tony Hawk's Proving Ground” is also on other systems, including the PS3, which has updated graphics.

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“Tony Hawk's Proving Ground” invites players to immerse themselves in one of the most detailed skating environments ever created in a video game. Players can skate on anything they see; no area of the game is off limits. They have to avoid security guards and sneak into restricted places to reach secret spots. Sewers, pools and rooftops are just a few examples of new skateboarding locations. If the security guards catch the players in these areas, they are thrown out. They also need to compete in races to gain the respect of their fellow racers.

In “Skate 3,” players can team up with other people online or offline for a co-op skateboarding experience. In this game, players participate in team-based missions in which they compete against rival skateboarding crews. Players who wish to skate alone can play head-to-head competitive battles to prove that they are the best skaters around. Compared to previous games in the series, “Skate 3” offers players more skateboards and a wider variety of tricks. It also takes place in a new city.

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