What Are Some Free Sirdar Knitting Patterns?

What Are Some Free Sirdar Knitting Patterns?

As of January 2016, Sirdar offers several free knitting patterns, including baby sweaters, stuffed animals, flowers and scarves. The free designs can be downloaded and include directions and yarn suggestions. Most patterns are appropriate for intermediate to advanced knitters.

Sidar offers free patterns for two styles of children's sweaters: a cardigan and a wrap.The Snuggly DK is an easy-to-knit, hooded, cardigan sweater for infants to size seven. The Ballerina Wrap is a sweater for infants and toddlers using Sirdar's Sublime Cashmere line of yarn that fastens with ribbon.

Sirdar has free leaflets for several stuffed animal designs for its Noah's Ark collection. Patterns are available for tigers, zebras, hippos, giraffes and monkeys. Instructions guide users through knitting each portion of the animal's body and stuffing and assembling the animal.

Sidar also offers daffodil knitting patterns. The daffodils are decorative knitted flowers that sit atop green pipe cleaners or as individual corsages. Separate patterns show the user how to create the daffodil petals and trumpet, and then fasten the pieces with a broach pin.

Sidar offer free patterns for two types of scarves: the Husky Snood and Head Start Scarf. The Husky Snood pattern uses Sidar Husky Super Chunky yarn and is an infinity scarf. The Head Start Scarf uses Head Start yarn and is a simple scarf with pom poms at each end.