How Do You Sing a Scale?


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Singing scales is a method that singers use to warm up their voices. Scales are usually specific sounds or songs, often recommended by a vocal coach, which the singer is encouraged to repeat regularly before any singing sessions. The type of scales a person sings is often a matter of personal taste and style.

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How Do You Sing a Scale?
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Singing a scale can involve practicing simple musical notes in succession, or it can involve singing full songs. Scales are a series of notes that go up and down in pitch in a regular pattern. To sing a scale, simply choose a note, such as A, B or C, or a few words from a simple song such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Sing the notes or words over and over again, each time in a different pitch. Start with a middle-range voice, the one that feels most comfortable for consistent singing. Then, go higher in pitch until your voice begins to feel slightly strained. Finally, go back down in pitch to lower notes. This is considered singing a simple scale. For best results, scales should be practiced regularly, as they help with improving vocal range and are a good way to practice breath control.

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