How Do You Sing Like a Professional?

How Do You Sing Like a Professional?

To sing like a professional, maintain proper posture and control your breath and how you are singing with your mouth. Singing is also improved by studying music.

  1. Stand up straight

    Proper posture improves the quality of sound. Stand up tall with the shoulders back, the abdominal muscles pulled in and the tailbone pointed down. Keep moving to avoid tension in the body; shift the weight in your legs, or take a couple of steps.

  2. Breathe deeply

    A professional sings from the diaphragm, which is located just below the lungs. To reach the diaphragm you need to breathe deeply, expanding the air deep into the lungs, which causes the stomach to rise and fall. When singing, maintain the flow of breathe, and exhale slowly.

  3. Control the shape of the mouth

    To open the whole mouth, relax the lips, and hinge the jaw down but not forward. To create good resonance, keep the roof of the mouth high and arched and the tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth, except when enunciating. Try imagining an egg at the back of your throat.

  4. Focus on the words

    Study the music, the words and their meanings. Understanding the music helps to sing with feeling, and knowing the words helps with proper enunciation.