How Do You Sing From Your Diaphragm?


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In order to properly sing from the diaphragm, the diaphragm muscles must be trained properly to take in, hold and expel air. The diaphragm muscles separate the thoracic cavity from other internal organs, and with strengthening exercises and proper technique, anyone can sing from their diaphragm for a stronger voice.

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One of the best ways to strengthen breathing is to keep the lungs clean. The following steps show how to sing through the diaphragm.

  1. Take a lung cleansing breath
  2. Take a deep breath through the nose and hold it deep inside the abdomen. Hold lips as if they are ready to whistle and push small gusts of air out, holding the breath for one second before releasing the next breath until all air is expelled from the belly and chest.
  3. Warm up breathing
  4. Before beginning to sing, warm up by inhaling a deep breath through the nostrils and expelling it quickly from the mouth several times.
  5. Stand properly
  6. Stand up straight with feet hip-width apart in front of a mirror with a relaxed body. Place hands on abdomen palm down with thumbs pointing upward.
  7. Relax facial muscles
  8. Relax the jawbone and facial muscles by moving jawbone back and forth several times. Take a deep cleansing breath.
  9. Practice singing
  10. Practice singing 'LA, LA, LA, LA' with different variations in tone. If the diaphragm muscles feel tight, massage them gently and try the notes again until they can be held for the desired length of time.
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