What Are Some Simple Ways to Create Mitered Corners?


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Some simple ways to create mitered corners are Nancy Zieman's sew-easy mitered corner technique and the faux technique. For Zieman's technique, fold the edges wrong-way-in twice, and press the folds. Edgestitch the pressed edges, then press and stitch the corners. To make faux mitered corners, slip a length of binding around the perimeter of your project. Sew the binding up to the corners, then fold a pleat and stitch.

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To make simple mitered corners using Nancy Zieman's technique, fold in a half-inch border around all sides of your project, then fold in the edges one-half inch a second time. Press, then edgestitch along the folds. Go to one corner of the project, and unfold a pressed area. Line up the point of the corner with the last pressed fold to create a 90 degree angle. Refold both half-inch folds of the unfolded edge, and press the corner. Repeat this process on all sides, then edgestitch the folds and backstitch the corners.

Create faux mitered corners by sewing together enough lengths of binding or bias tape to go around the project. Open the tape, and pin it along the raw edge of the project, beginning in the middle of one side. Stitch the binding to the seam, stopping at the corners. Pleat and pin the corner at a 45 degree angle. Bind the newly created raw edge, pin it and sew. Repeat this step for each corner, and tuck and sew the final edge of raw binding to finish.

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