What Is a Simple Way to Make Paper Flowers?

What Is a Simple Way to Make Paper Flowers?

To make paper flowers, cut crepe paper of the desired color into a circle of the required size, and use it along with a small cotton ball and floral stem to form the flower's center. Cut the crepe paper to form small, medium and large petals of the desired shape. Starting with the small pieces, affix the petals to the flower's center piece using floral tape. Finally, affix two crepe paper leaves to the floral stem.

Begin making paper flowers by cutting crepe paper to a circle of 1 1/2 inch diameter. Insert a floral stem into a small ball of cotton, and position this at the circle's center. Cover the cotton ball and the floral stem with the paper, and affix the latter around the stem using floral tape.

To form the petals, cut the crepe paper to the appropriate shape to form eight small, 16 medium and eight large petals. Make a pleat in one small petal, position it on the floral stem so that its midpoint aligns with the flower's center, and secure it using two rounds of floral tape. Affix the other small petals in a similar fashion, overlapping adjacent ones.

Similarly, attach the medium- and large-sized petals. While affixing the petals, pull the floral tape gently to make a secure attachment. After attaching all the petals, stretch their outer edges using the thumb to shape them.

Cut two leaves from a green crepe paper, affix a wire stem along their center lines using glue, and cover their stems with floral tape. Finally, affix the leaves to the stem of the flower using floral tape.