What Is a Simple Way for Children to Create Their Own Trucks From Cardboard?


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Children can make their own easy cardboard trucks by attaching paper plates to the corners of a cardboard box for wheels and decorating the cardboard with construction paper and markers to resemble a truck. An adult should help with removing the cardboard flaps and doing other cutting work.

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To make a cardboard truck, an adult first needs to help a child cut off the four flaps. Another option is to cut off three of the flaps and then tape the fourth flap to the top of the box to form the hood of the car. After the cutting, the child paints the cardboard the desired color or decorates it with markers or crayons. The next step is to make the wheels. The child paints or colors four white paper plates black and glues them near each of the box's corners.

In order to make the box look more like a truck, the child cuts out squares from blue construction paper and glues them to the box for the windshield and side windows. The child can also glue a strip of white construction paper to the bottom of the box for the bumper. Finally, the child can make the headlights either from more construction paper or by gluing two plastic cups to the front of the box.

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