What Are Some Simple Scrapbooking Tips?


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Some simple scrapbooking tips include starting scrapbook pages with handpicked photographs, printing the photographs large enough so they can grab attention, and placing the photographs strategically on the page to make them the clear focal point.

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What Are Some Simple Scrapbooking Tips?
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After one or more photographs are chosen and strategically placed on the scrapbooking page, the photographs are then decorated with patterned paper or even with items found around the house. Patterned paper are cut into different lengths and widths and then placed around the photograph as a border or as symmetrical designs in the open areas of the scrapbook page. The paper is also cut into different shapes, such as hearts, circles or triangles and placed around the photograph.

Items often found around the house, such as old fabric, ribbon, bottle caps and juice can lids are also used to decorate photographs in a scrapbook. Fabrics are cut into different shapes and adhered to the pages with glue or tape. Ribbons are folded into bows and also glued or taped around photographs. Bottle caps are flattened and glued to the pages in patterns. Juice can lids from frozen juices are cleaned and dried, and then embellished with paint or designs before gluing to the scrapbook page.

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