What Are the Simple Rules of Croquet?


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The game of croquet is played with two to four players on two teams. To win, a team must use a mallet to hit all their balls through a course of hoops in a specific sequence and then hit the balls against a middle peg.

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What Are the Simple Rules of Croquet?
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A croquet game set includes six mallets, six balls in four different colors, nine hoops also known as wickets, and two pegs. The wickets are traditionally set up in a double-diamond pattern, and the pegs are set up at the end of the playing field. Each player is given one stroke at a time unless he passes a ball through a wicket for an extra stroke or hits an opponent's ball with his own ball, also known as a roquet shot, for two bonus strokes. The bonus shot is also known as a croquet, and it allows the player to either strike his ball against an opponent's ball or continue the progress of the ball in play.

There are also fouls or faults occurred in play, such as when a player touches the head of a mallet with his hand or if he causes a mallet to strike a ball if he drops, throws or kicks it. The player is penalized for a foul by losing the progress and any points of his most recent stroke. The opponent affected by the foul can replace the ball or leave it where it landed due to the foul.

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