What Are Some Simple Patterns for Sewing Pillows?


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To make a basic pillow, cut two equal-sized pieces of fabric, and layer the fabrics together with the right-side facing inward. Then, sew around three sides of the fabric. On the fourth side, sew until there is a 2-inch opening on one end, and turn the fabric right-side out through the opening. Push stuffing into the pillow through the opening. Sew the pillow closed with a hidden stitch. Alternately, glue the opening closed with fabric glue.

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When cutting the fabric to the desired size, allow 1/2 inch for the seams. Another option is to sew a cover for a pillow form. Measure the height and width of the pillow form, and mark the measurements on brown paper to make a pattern for the cover. Cut out the pattern.

Using the measurements as a guide, place a square on the fabric to determine the pattern placement. After choosing the pattern placement, use the pattern to cut two equal-sized pieces of fabric. Allow 1 inch for the seam. Then, sew around three sides of the cover. On the fourth side, leave a 5 inch opening. Trim the raw edges to 1/2 inch, and round the corners. Turn the fabric right-side out, insert the pillow form, and sew the gap closed.

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