What Are Some Simple Instructions for Tie Dye?


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Some simple tie-dye instructions include mixing the dye, preparing the shirt and soaking the garment. After soaking the shirt in the solution, rinse it in warm water, and launder it.

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First, put on an apron and plastic gloves, and protect the work area with a piece of plastic. Next, mix together the tie-dye solution according to the package directions. Use a large, 3-gallon metal or disposable plastic container, and mix in the dye, 1 cup of salt and water. Prepare the garment or shirt by drawing patterns on it using colored chalk and tying it into a bundle with rubber bands.

Although a randomly bundled shirt results in a nice design, try rosette, bull's eye, swirl or diagonal patterns for a more uniform look. To make diagonal lines, start at one corner and fold the shirt back and forth in an accordion pattern until you reach the top opposite corner. Wrap rubber bands evenly along the length. For a swirl pattern, twist together the middle of the shirt, and then gather the rest in a circle with rubber bands crisscrossing each other.

Submerge the shirt completely in the prepared dye for 10 to 30 minutes, and then rinse it under warm and then cooling water until it runs clear. Launder the shirt by itself in warm water before drying and wearing it.

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