What Are Some Simple Ideas for a Parade Float?


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Simple ideas for a parade float can involve using a variety of decorating materials, such as cardboard, fabric, floral sheeting, or metallic fringe, to create a simple scene based on a specific theme. Props can also be used to create a visually appealing parade float.

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What Are Some Simple Ideas for a Parade Float?
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A parade float can feature a particular theme, such as Santa’s Christmas workshop or harvest time. A Christmas-themed float may display a wooden table, chairs, toys and brightly wrapped gifts. A harvest theme cam use hay bales, bushel baskets and live harvester workers dressed in overalls and checkered shirts.

Materials used to cover and decorate a float should cover the trailer bed or wagon floor as well as the sides of it. The important part to creating an appealing parade float is to cover the wheels but not allow the covering to drag on the ground or interfere with the float’s movement. Festooning and garland is also ideal for adding an exciting look to the edge of a float.

Props can help to increase the visual appearance of the float. Good ideas for props include cardboard cut-outs of people, trees, animals or flowers. The design of the prop can be traced onto cardboard to create an outline, filled in with permanent black marker, and then colored with acrylic paint.

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