What Are Some Simple Holiday Decorations You Can Make Yourself?


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Some simple homemade holiday decorations include entryway Christmas cones, pinecone centerpieces, nut-filled glass bowls and aluminum foil Christmas chains. Another option is using wall stencils to spell out holiday phrases. Back the stencils in colored construction paper or card stock, and paste them to walls using removable adhesive.

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A quick and easy way to create a festive centerpiece is to fill a glass trifle bowl with shelled walnuts, red apples, baby artichokes, or lemons and limes. Another centerpiece idea, both easy and inexpensive, calls for freshly gathered pinecones and greenery. Arrange them in the center of a table for a rustic holiday touch.

To make entryway Christmas cones, a classy way to frame a patio door, fill plastic urns with sand and foam cones. Glue Christmas balls to the cones, and wire in greenery around the base.

Another Christmas cone idea, smaller and suitable for decorating mantles and tables, involves pasting vanilla wafers to styrofoam cones using an icing adhesive made from six egg whites and 3 3/4 cups of powdered sugar. Dust the wafers with more powdered sugar for a snowy look.

Build a whimsical snowman for a fruit centerpiece using oranges and peppermint candies. Use a powdered sugar and egg white frosting to glue the oranges on top of each other for the body, and dab a little on the curved edge of a vanilla wafer. Attach it to the top of the head, and glue three round peppermint candies one on top of the other on top of the wafer to create a hat. Poke two peppermint sticks into the middle orange for the arms, tie a piece of licorice between the top and middle oranges for the scarf, and stick two cloves in the top orange for the eyes, followed by a peppermint nose.

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