What Are Some Simple Family Crafts to Make?


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Simple family crafts include decorating flower pots for the garden, creating a tin can toss game and making travel journals. These ideas give families a way to spend time together, reuse materials and preserve memories.

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Children and parents can work together to decorate clay flower pots with washi tape and permanent markers. Adults can help children wrap washi tape around the tops of the clay pots. Then children can use permanent markers to decorate the pots with designs such as stripes, polka dots, or drawings of flowers or hearts. Children can then plant flower seeds in the pots and place them in the garden.

A tin can toss game is an entertaining way to reuse old cans. Adults clean tin cans and measure paper to wrap around the cans. Children decorate the paper with markers, crayons, paint or glitter. Then adults cover the cans with paper, and stack the decorated cans in a pyramid. Children take turns trying to knock the cans over by tossing balls.

Families planning a vacation can create travel journals. Children can spell their names with adhesive letters on the cover of a blank journal. Then they can decorate the journal with a map of the vacation destination. Adults and children can work together to fill the journal with memories from the vacation.

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