What Are Some Simple Easter Craft Ideas for Kids?


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Simple Easter craft ideas for kids include bunny masks, handprint art and decorated paper Easter eggs. The crafts use simple materials that most people already have and are suitable for toddlers and up.

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What Are Some Simple Easter Craft Ideas for Kids?
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To make a bunny mask, each child needs a paper plate or circle of white construction paper with eye holes cut in it. The kids dab glue onto cotton balls and place them on the plate or paper. Cut out bunny ears to glue to the top. The kids add facial features to complete the bunny mask.

Prints of a child's hand, foot and thumb work well for a variety of Easter crafts. For a bunny head, paint the child's palm and fingers but not the thumb. Have the child hold his fingers so the pointer and middle fingers are together and the pinkie and ring finger are together to make bunny ears. Press the hand to paper to make the bunny. A thumb dipped in yellow paint makes a simple fluffy chick.

A large piece of paper cut in the shape of an egg is another simple Easter craft material. The kids decorate the eggs with paint, stickers, markers, glitter, sequins and other craft supplies around the house. Another option is to draw designs on the eggs with white crayon and paint over it with watercolor paints. The white lines show through the paint.

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