What Are Some Simple Crafts for Adults to Make?


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Some simple crafts for adults to make include an embellished lampshade, lace design vase, serving tray and decoupage furniture. Made with common household items, these projects are quick and easy to complete.

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What Are Some Simple Crafts for Adults to Make?
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To make an embellished lampshade, simply glue decorative ribbon to a plain lampshade. Measure the top and bottom circumference of the lampshade, and cut decorative ribbon to fit its measurements. Use a hot glue gun to attach the ribbon to the lampshade.

A lace design vase requires a piece of lace, plain vase, spray paint and tape. Tape the lace securely to the vase, and spray paint over the lace. Remove the lace from the vase after the paint dries.

A large wooden picture frame, patterned paper, paint, glue and two furniture handles are required to make a serving tray. Insert a sheet of patterned paper behind the glass of the picture frame. Paint the frame with a solid color or design, and glue the furniture handles to the short sides of the frame to finish making it.

Decoupage furniture is made with wallpaper scraps and decoupage glue. Cut out a variety of designs from wallpaper. Cover the surface of the furniture with decoupage glue, and apply the wallpaper designs to the glued furniture surface. Finish by adding multiple layers of glue and sealant onto the decorated surface.

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