What Are Some Simple Craft Projects for Mason Jars?


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Simple craft projects using mason jars include making a sewing kit, creating salt and pepper shakers and making a poured candle. These crafts take advantage of the mason jars' storage capacity to make useful household items.

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To make a sewing kit from a mason jar, Country Living recommends turning the lid into a pincushion and storing supplies in the jar. A home sewer begins this craft by popping the top off of a mason jar lid and inserting a scrap of fabric stuffed with batting to create the pincushion. Hot glue secures the pincushion in place. Thread, scissors, measuring tape and other small sewing supplies go in the jar.

Chefs looking for a unique spice dispenser can make salt and pepper shakers by punching holes in the top of a 6-ounce mason jar. Tapping small nails into the top of the jar with a hammer creates the tiny holes for the shakers.

Mason jars make perfect vessels for poured candles. The first step is securing the wick to the bottom of the jar, pulling it taut and holding it in place with a wooden skewer laid across the top of the jar. Next, melt the wax and add color and scent if desired. Finally, pour the wax in the jar and leave it to cool.

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