What Are Some Simple Bat House Plans?


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A bat house must include walls, a roof and an opening on the bottom for bats to enter, as well as horizontal grooves inside the house from which bats can hang. Make a simple bat house with plywood or cedar, galvanized screws, silicone caulk and staples.

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Most bat houses are made of wood, ideally cedar. To make the bat house, paint the outside of the cedar trim, roof, and front and rear panel pieces. Cut the pieces so they fit together, and attach the trim to the rear panel. Cut crisscross patterns inside the rear panel for the bats to hang from, and attach the front panel, roof and angled front edge. For pictures and diagrams, visit the Bat Conservation website.

Bats are particular about where they live, so plans for bat houses cannot vary much. For a plan that adds decorative flair and provides comfort for bats, cut the edge of the wood on the outside front panel into a unique shape, and paint the outer wood a color that maintains the temperature inside the box. For most places, this is a dark color. Do not paint the inside of the bat house.

Mount the finished bat house on a tree, pole, barn, house or garage at least 15 feet off the ground. Make sure there are no obstacles blocking the bats from entering.

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