What Are Simon Says Commands?

The Simon Says game helps teach children to pay attention while having fun, according to Education Space. Commands include, "Simon says put your finger on your nose," "Simon says tap your head" and "Simon says stand on one foot." The game gets tricky whenever the command doesn't include the words "Simon says," since children who think they hear those words follow the command and get disqualified.

The Simple Simon game has been used for years as a fun way to get young students to listen and follow directions. It also keeps them occupied during recess periods, according to Education Space, which notes that teachers must be quick in their commands, so that students doo't have time to anticipate the next command.

The website Education offers a twist on the game that includes spaces marked out of hula hoops or carpet squares. Each time a student successfully follows a command they are allowed to move their space marker one step ahead.

ICAL, a teacher training site, suggests using the game to teach English to young non-English speaking students around the world. ICAL notes that the game is effective because it is based on Total Physical Response (TPR), where students aren't only memorizing English words but are assimilating the language through movement and response.