How Do You Sign Out on a PlayStation 3?


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Sign out from the PlayStation 3 via the "Account Management" menu, or by inserting a Blu-ray Disc, DVD or PlayStation 2 disc into the machine. Signing out of the device ensures that unauthorized users are not able to access an account that is not their own.

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Signing out on a PlayStation 3 is important, particularly if the device is shared, so that any data or purchasing power is protected.

Step 1: Locate "Account Management"

Navigate to and select the "PlayStation Network" icon using the PlayStation 3 controller. Press the triangle button on the PS3 controller and use the down key to move down to "Account Management." Press the triangle button again to select "Account Management."

Step 2: Sign off

Scroll down to "Sign Off" and press the "X" button on the PS3 controller.

Step 3: Verify sign off

The system should return to the "Account Management" menu. Look for the words "Sign In" within that menu to verify that no one is signed in on the PS3 device.

Step 4: Rapid sign out

If faster sign out from the PlayStation 3 is necessary, insert a Blu-ray Disc, a DVD or a PlayStation 2 disc into the PlayStation 3 device. This automatically signs all users out from the PlayStation 3.

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