How Do You Sign a Family up for Toys for Tots?

Signing up a family for Toys for Tots is done through the "Request a Toy" link on the organization's official website. Although signing a family up is simple, there is no guarantee that every family will receive toys through the program.

The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation is a not-for-profit charity with a presence in over 700 communities across the United States. The charity runs campaigns from October to late December to collect toys from the community and other donors. The toys are then distributed to deserving families in each community over the Christmas season.

Toys for Tots works closely with local welfare agencies and churches to identify needy children in the community. However, anyone can sign a family up for the program through the Toys for Tots website.

  • Users can visit the official Toys for Tots website and click the "Request a Toy" link in the navigation menu.
  • Selecting the family's state and community from the drop-down menu directs users to the center's website if a Toys for Tots center exists there.
  • Additional instructions on the site inform users on further steps to sign the family up.

Visitors may be asked for their names as well as the name of the family they are signing up. They will also be given an opportunity to explain why the family needs a Christmas present through the program.

Several factors, such as the number of toys each center has at its disposal and the families who are possible candidates, decide which families receive presents through the program.