What Are "Sift Heads" Games?


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"Sift Heads" is a series of games in which players take control of Vinnie as he takes on different jobs for the Chicago Mafia. Players use a mouse and keyboard for the game, which is free to play on arcade websites such as Agame.com.

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In “Sift Heads 5,” Vinnie is back in an action-packed shooting game. Players click on objects in the environment to interact with them. Pressing the Space bar switches to first-person shooting mode. In this mode, players can still click on objects in the environment to interact with them.

“Shift Heads 5” gives players freedom to explore the city. At the start of the game, however, many areas of the city are locked. While traveling around the city, players can interact with citizens and pick up jobs to earn money; for example, they can go to the bar and try to talk to a lady. The barkeeper tells the player that she won't talk because of what her husband did. Now the player can choose to murder the husband and earn $1,000.

Like other games in the "Shift Heads" series, “Shift Heads 5” offers a lot of random activities for the player to do for fun. For example, there's a “Pong” arcade game in the bar. For $10, the gamer can enjoy this small mini-game.

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