How Do You Showboat in "Madden 25"?

To showboat on Madden 25 on the PS3/4, hold "X" while you are inside your opponent's 10-yard line going in for a touchdown after a breakaway. For the Xbox versions, hold "A" instead.

  1. Perform a breakaway

    Run through your opponents defense, gaining decent ground to their end zone.

  2. Get inside the 10-yard line

    Run your controlled player with the ball within 10 yards of your opponent's end zone.

  3. Showboat

    Once within the final 10 yards of the end zone after a breakaway, hold "X" ("A" for Xbox) and showboat into the end zone. Be sure not to have precision movement enabled when trying to showboat, this will cause the player to simply do the "stiff arm" run.