How Should You Store a Coin Collection?


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Store a coin collection in a coin holder, coin folder or coin album for maximum protection from damage. Improper handling, heat, cold, air pollution, chlorine, acids and humidity can also cause irreversible damage to coins, and proper storage is essential to prevent this damage. The coins' environment is also highly important.

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Avoid extremes in temperature, such as in a basement or attic; heat makes it easier for chemicals in the air to degrade the coins, and cold condenses water out of the air, which damages coins over time. High humidity also condenses water on the coins. Store a coin collection in a bedroom or den away from the kitchen.

Store a coin collection of considerable worth in a safety deposit box at a bank. This is one of the safest places to store a coin collection, although it is also the most expensive. Alternatively, use a home safe to secure a coin collection. Place a silica gel pack in the safe to absorb humidity.

Avoid storing a coin collection in a wood bookshelf or shelving, as these can emit chemicals that are harmful to coins as the wood ages. Instead, place a coin collection in a metal shelf or cabinet.

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