What Should I Know About the New York Daily News Universal Crossword Puzzle?

The Entertainment section of the online version of the New York Daily News features a Universal Crossword - Flash Edition each day. The puzzle can be viewed after clicking the Entertainment header on the homepage and then clicking the Games link. Scroll down to find the puzzles and games in alphabetical order. Crosswords from other days are accessible by selecting the options directly above the puzzle being viewed.

The Universal Crossword is free to anyone visiting the site and may be completed online or printed out along with the solution and done by hand. Each daily puzzle is offered at regular and master skill levels. Regular players are shown incorrect letters in red and have access to Solve Letter and Solve Word hints that aid in completion.

Puzzles are timed from the first keystroke, and users have the ability to pause and save their most recent puzzle to complete it at a later time or reset it to begin from the start. The number of clues solved, the number of hints used and the completion percentage are displayed for the current puzzle. The Universal Crossword featured online is also equipped with tools that track enthusiasts' history of completed puzzles. A box displays the total numbers of puzzles they have solved, along with other data, including average time to solve and average score.