What Should You Look for in Rack Card Holders?


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Rack card, magazine and brochure holders come in different shapes and sizes, and you should look for a style that works well with the marketing and design of the materials you're putting on display. If you have many different types of cards that have important pictures or words on the front, pick a stand or holder that allows them to be on open display and that doesn't hide most of your card stacks behind other card stacks.

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When looking for a card or magazine rack, consider the amount of pockets available on the rack and the amount of materials you wish to display. Some racks stand on floors and feature multiple leaflets and pockets that display materials. These racks are ideal for placement in a shop at the end of an aisle or near the check-out section.

Some stores choose to mount weatherproof wall-mount racks to an exterior wall. Placing pamphlets inside the sturdy plastic cover allows for a shop to advertise around the clock, even when the shop is closed.

Another popular brochure holder is a rack that adds material to a table, such as a trade show booth table or a reception desk. This design doesn't require a lot of space.

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