How Should a Judging Card Be Formatted?


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Because they are official records of the results of a competition, judging or scoring cards provide complete information regarding the date of the competition, teams, individual contestants and judges, as well as official rules, point scales and actual results. Judging cards should be easy to read as well as compact enough to carry comfortably as judges move around the competition space.

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For judging results to be tallied efficiently, the format of a judging card should follow the format of the master score sheet or data input fields used to compile the final results. If there’s no such template to consult, begin a template for a judging card with the name of the competition, the year and the date. You can also include the location of the competition. Make labels and spaces for the judge's name and title, and, for team events, fill in a team’s name, followed by space for the name of an individual team member if necessary.

Next, make a space for the name of the event being judged, and include the official rating scale or criteria specific in the competition rules. Follow this with spaces for the judge’s ratings for individual performance and team score, if appropriate. Also include space for judges’s comments and explanatory notes.

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