What Should You Consider When Shopping at an Upholstery Fabric Outlet?


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An important thing to consider when shopping at an upholstery fabric outlet is that different pieces of furniture, such as sofas, chairs and recliners need different kinds of fabric. Another important aspect is the fact that durability and easy maintenance are vital elements of fabric selection.

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Upholstery fabric for furniture that is used on a daily basis needs to be thick and tightly woven. Fabrics with a higher thread count per square inch of fabric are more tightly woven and durable than fabrics with a lower thread count. Typically, fabrics are divided into natural and synthetic categories. Natural fabrics include linen, leather, cotton and wool. Linen and leather are not good for furniture used by children, as linen soils easily, and leather tears with rough use. Cotton and wool are good options when blended with other fabrics, especially when treated with a stain-resistant finish.

Synthetic fabrics such as acrylic and nylon when blended with other fabrics are good for upholstery, as they do not stain, tear or wrinkle easily. They are also easy to clean and do not fade quickly. It is best to buy inexpensive and sturdy fabric for DIY projects. Always buy one or two yards more than is required to make allowances for minimal redoing.

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