Should You Buy a Scooter or a Bike for Your Child?

Many benefits exist to support the purchase of a scooter or bike for children, including increased self confidence, improved gross motor skills, greater health and concentration, and a means to learn traffic rules. The mental benefits, such as increased happiness, as well as the environmental benefits, including reduced greenhouse gas emissions, makes owning a bicycle or scooter a worthy adventure.

When given responsibility, children gain confidence. The act of owning a bicycle or scooter, complete with learning safety tips to avoid hurting themselves and others, has the potential to boost a child's self esteem tremendously. Riding a scooter or bike improves physical fitness, a feature that not only increases body health, but supports children's self image as well.

Riding scooters and bikes increases a child's ability to balance, coordinate hand and eye movement, and use large muscle groups. Cycling involves exerting muscles for extended periods of time, leading to a healthier heart and stronger body. A stronger heart also means more oxygen flow to the brain, an integral way to make learning more affective.

Learning to ride a scooter or bicycle involves concentrating and focusing on different things simultaneously, such as the nearby pedestrians and the balance necessary to make a sharp turn. Being able to effectively divide one's focus on multiple things helps academically and in the physical world.