What Should You Build in Minecraft?


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To succeed in "Minecraft," players need to build a crafting table and a variety of tools from the outset. The crafting table is the key to producing more complex items than the inventory's 2x2 crafting grid can create. Important tools include axes, hoes, picks and shovels.

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Players need to get wood from a nearby tree and break it into four wooden planks by placing it in the inventory's crafting grid and choosing the planks that appear. Then they need to place one plank in each of the crafting-grid slots. This produces the crafting table. Players then place the crafting table on the ground nearby and right-click it to access a larger 3x3 crafting grid. They then place two wooden planks atop each other to create wooden sticks and two wooden sticks on top of each other in center of the grid to create the base for most tools. Next, players add wood, stone or metal blocks to create specific tools. A single block placed above the two sticks produces a shovel, and placing another to the left of that creates a hoe. A third block placed to the right of the other two nets a pick. Moving the one on the upper right to the middle left creates an axe for quickly chopping down trees and enemies.

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