What Should an Alto Saxophone Serial Number Look Like?


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The look of a serial number on an alto saxophone will depend on the company and year of manufacture. An example is the Balanced Action series from Selmer, which will have a serial number that looks like 22000 if manufactured in 1936.

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Customers interested in determining the manufacturing company and year of an alto saxophone can do so by comparing its serial number to lists provided online. For example, the first serial number used by Buescher for its True Tone line in 1920 was 61255.

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument developed and patented by Adolphe Sax in 1846. In 1880, he developed the alto saxophone, a version larger than the soprano and smaller than the tenor sax. Manufacturers of the alto saxophone include Yamaha, Buffet Crampon, Keilwerth and Selmer Paris.

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