What Are Some Short Jokes About Newfoundland?


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Jokes about Newfoundland are called "Newfie" jokes and center around the stereotype that Newfoundlanders have an accent and are frequently unemployed, drunk and dim-witted. Newfie jokes may be offensive; however, Newfoundlanders are generally considered to be jovial people with a strong sense humor who can withstand jokes about the stereotype.

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Examples of some short Newfie jokes include "A Newfie saw a sign at a restaurant. It read, 'Happy Hour Special: Lobster Tail & Beer.' 'Lard Tunderin Jaises!' he says to himself, 'Me three favourite things!'"

Another joke is "Did you hear about the Newfie that bought an AM radio? It took him three weeks to realize it works at night too."

Newfie jokes are similar to American redneck jokes or blonde jokes but tend not to be mean-spirited. Newfoundlanders and the Newfie stereotype are a well-loved part of Canadian culture.

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