What Are Some Short, Humorous Jokes?


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An example of a funny one-liner joke is, "How many engineers does it take to change a light bulb?" The punchline of this joke is, "None. They'd be too busy trying to figure out how to fix it."

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Funny short jokes can range in length, from a simple one-liner to those slightly longer in length that take a minute or so to tell. An example of a slightly longer funny short joke can be the one about the blond woman who uses her car as collateral to get a bank loan. A blond woman goes into a bank and asks the manager for a $5,000 loan for a vacation, and she wants to use her expensive Ferrari as collateral. The bank manager is puzzled, because the woman looks like she could afford the $5000, but he gives the woman the loan and takes the keys to the car to park it in the bank's garage. One week later, the blond woman comes in and repays her loan in full. The bank manager asked the woman why she needed the loan, and she simply said that the bank was the only place secure enough to leave her car while she was away on vacation.

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