What Are Some Short and Funny Bar Jokes?


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Some short and funny bar jokes include the Drink Fault-Finding Guide from AhaJokes.com, the Blind Man and His Dog from Jokes-Best.com and 12 Shots in a Bar from CleanShortFunnyJokes.com. These jokes are short, funny and all have something to do with a bar and drinking.

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In the Drink Fault-Finding Guide, one joke is as follows: "What's the problem when drinking doesn't give satisfaction and taste and the front of the shirt is wet? Answer: The mouth isn't open or the drink is given to the wrong side of the face. The solution: Buy another pint and practice in front of the mirror. Buy more pints and practice as is necessary until the technique is perfect."

In the Blind Man and His Dog, a blind man and his dog enter a bar. Inside, the blind man starts swinging his dog around to the shock of the bartender, who asks the blind man what he is doing. The blind man replies that he is just looking around.

In the 12 Shots in a Bar joke, a man enters the bar, orders 12 shots and gulps them down as fast as he can. The bartender asks him what's the hurry. The man tells the bartender that he'd hurry too if he had what he has, to which the bartender asks, "Which is what?" The man replies, "75 cents!"

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