What Are Some Short Children's Jokes?


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Some short children's jokes include "Why did the chicken cross the playground?" which is answered with "To get to the other slide" as well as "What does a robot frog say?" which is answered with "Rib-bot." Another short joke for children asks "Why is six afraid of seven?" and is answered with "Because seven ate nine."

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One popular type of children's joke is a silly pun. One short children's pun is "Why do bees have sticky hair?" The answer to this joke is "Because they use honeycombs."

Another pun joke is "Why was the man running around his bed?" which is answered with "He wanted to catch up on his sleep." The joke "How did the barber win the race?" is answered with "He knew a short cut."

Many children's jokes are "Knock, knock" jokes. During a "Knock, Knock" joke, one person says "Knock, knock" and the other asks "Who's there?" For example, one joke answers the "Who's there?" question by saying "Boo." When the other person responds with "Boo who?", the joke teller says, "Please don't cry. It's only a joke."

Another children's joke asks "Why can't a bicycle stand up on its own?" The answer is "Because it's two-tired." The joke "How do you make a tissue dance?" is answered with "Put a little boogie in it."

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