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As of September 2014, the "Cube World" game is only officially available from the Picroma website and must be downloaded using a Windows or Mac operating system. The game creators plan to make the role-playing game available for consoles in the future.

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"Cube World" is a voxel-based exploration game inspired by successful role-playing games, such as "Legend of Zelda," "World of Warcraft" and "Diablo." In July of 2013, the creators released the alpha version for Windows, and updates are released regularly to paying users.

Unlike many adventure games with a set number of worlds, "Cube World" features random world generation that creates a near-infinite number of possibilities. No artificial borders exist in these worlds, so users can travel endlessly through any number of landscapes based on themes that include ruins, grasslands, villages, temples, castles, forests, lakes and many others.

In the game, players are equipped with a set of skills that allow them to more easily explore the surrounding lands. These include running, swimming, climbing, hang gliding, sailing and diving. Players are also able to complete daily missions, defeat enemies for loot, face boss monsters and collect special coins, allowing them to upgrade armor and other equipment. "Cube World" players can choose to play as warriors, mages, rangers or rogues.

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