What is a shiny Scyther?


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In the "Pok��mon" games, a shiny Scyther is a Scyther with a dark green body with red coloring between its body segments. A non-shiny Scyther has a light green body with cream coloring between its body segments.

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Shiny Pok��mon were introduced in the Generation II games of the "Pok��mon" series as Pok��mon with an alternate coloration to the standard color palette. In Generation II, shininess is determined by a Pok��mon's Individual Values, while in future generations it is determined by the original trainer's ID, a secret ID and the Pok��mon's personality value. From Generations II to V, the base probability of finding a wild shiny Pok��mon is 1 in 8,192. This probability is doubled in Generation VI to 1 in 4,096.

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