How Do You Get Shiny Rayquaza?


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Encountering a Shiny Rayquaza Pokémon is completely random. However, players can reset the game until they encounter the Shiny version. First, save the game before interacting with Rayquaza. After saving, approach Rayquaza, and allow the battle animation to begin. If Rayquaza is not Shiny when it appears within the battle animation, reset the game, and try again. Continue this process until Shiny Rayquaza appears.

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Players do not need to save the game before each try. Instead, they only need to reset the game and interact with Rayquaza again each time.

To speed up the process players can use a method known as soft resetting. To soft reset on a Nintendo DS or 3DS, hold down the left trigger button, the right trigger button, the start button and the select button. For Nintendo Gameboy consoles, hold down the A button, the B button, the start button and the select button. Resetting in this way takes players back to the title screen of the game rather than the main menu of the console.

Players know when they encounter Shiny Rayquaza because it has a different coloration, is initially surrounded by animated stars and has a unique sound that plays. Shiny Rayquaza has a dark grey body instead of the normal teal body.

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