What Is "Shilo Village Quest"?


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Shilo Village is a quest in the game Rune Scape which, when completed, allows the player to access the Shilo Village location. The RuneHQ site explains that this quest is "Long" in length, is of "Experienced" difficulty, and requires several items and skills.

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For this game, the player must have a Jungle Potion, 20 Crafting skill, 32 Agility, a Spade, a Light source, Tinderbox, Rope, Chisel, Bronze wire, 3 Bones, Food, Armor, and a Weapon to complete this quest successfully. After completing Shilo Village, the player will receive 3875 Crafting XP, Gem rocks mine access, and two free keys for the Treasure Hunter. The quest is located in the southern part of Karamja.

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