How Do You Do a Shell Stitch When Crocheting a Baby Afghan?


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The crochet instruction to make a shell pattern is 2dc, ch1 and 2dc. This pattern is worked on a foundation chain that is a multiple of four chain stitches.

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Make a slipknot on the crochet hook to start the foundation chain. Bring the yarn over the hook from back to front, and use the hook to pull the yarn through the slipknot to make the first chain stitch. Repeat until the chain stitches are a multiple of four.

Create the first shell in the fourth chain from the hook. Bring the yarn over the hook, and insert the hook into the fourth chain from front to back. Bring the yarn over again, pulling it through the chain, which should leave three loops on the hook. Bring the yarn over again, and pull it through the first two loops, leaving two loops on the hook. Bring the yarn over again, pulling it through these remaining loops to make one double crochet stitch.

Make another double crochet stitch in the fourth chain followed by one chain stitch. Create two more double crochet stitches in the fourth chain, completing the first shell. Miss the next three chain stitches on the foundation row, and make another shell stitch in the fourth. Repeat this process to the end of the row.

Turn the work for the second row, and chain three stitches. Make the shells in this row in the single chains made in the previous row. Repeat the second row to make further rows.

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