How Do You Find Sheet Music for Recorder Songs?

How Do You Find Sheet Music for Recorder Songs? is one online resource for finding various sheet music for the recorder. For beginners, the website also provides fingering and chord charts, lessons and a metronome. For unlimited access to the music on the site and some other features, requires an account and a $20 per year subscription.

The website offers over six thousand different downloadable sheet music pieces from many different genres, including classical, pop, jazz, film scores and even wedding music. The website also caters to players of all skill levels, with music for beginners, as well as easy, intermediate and advanced recorder sheet music. offers music for recorder ensembles, for two, three, four or more players, as well as sheet music for the alto recorder.

Some of the sheet music is available without a subscription or account, while other pieces are offered to subscribers only. The website has separate links for both types of users, with or without an account and subscription. Sheet music can be downloaded as a .PDF file, as well as a .GIF, and then printed, and a .MIDI or .MP3 file can also be downloaded to allow the user to listen to the piece before or while playing it.