How Do You Sharpen Scissors With a Sharpening Stone?

In order to sharpen a pair of scissors, make sure to hold the scissors at a 25- or 30-degree angle and run the stone from the pointed end of the scissors to where the scissors meet the handle. Certain types of scissors, such as pinking shears and scissors for embroidery, should not be sharpened using a sharpening stone.

Sharpening stones work well with hard steel not soft. If a sharpening stone is used on a soft steel it can damage the scissors.

  1. Wash scissors
  2. Make sure any debris is cleared away or washed off to start with. Make sure to have the blades pointing away from the body when holding them.

  3. Angle the scissors
  4. When angling the scissors make sure to be able to keep them in the same position for the entire time that the sharping process will occur.

  5. Use sharpening stone
  6. Take the sharpening stone and place it against the slanted edge of the scissors at the highest part of the angle. Make sure to use strong but firm movements in an upwards motion. Keep working in only one direction. When the stone gets to the end after one stroke, pick up the stone and start back at the end of the blade back up to the tip of the blade. Repeat on the other side.

  7. Close blades
  8. When done using the sharpening stone carefully close the scissors slowly to remove the debris that has formed.

  9. Oil the blades
  10. After the debris is gone take a rag or chamois and wipe the blades clean. Open the blades and drop a bit of honing oil above and below the pivot. Open and close the scissors rapidly so the oil works into the scissors.