How Do You Find Sewing Work From Home?


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Using employment listings for sewing jobs and advertising your sewing services are potential ways to gain employment sewing at home. Connecting with business owners and other people who can send customers to you for sewing services is also useful in obtaining sewing work.

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Employment listings online and in newspapers are useful places to begin looking for sewing work you can do from home. Many businesses outsource their tailoring work to individuals rather than employing hourly workers for these tasks. Networking with those who own businesses such as clothing stores, dry cleaners, and bridal stores, who often need someone to perform tailoring or repair work, is another good way to find work. It may be possible to post fliers in these establishments or leave your card for them to give to their customers looking for a tailor.

Advertising in as many locations as possible gives you the best chance of finding sewing work you can do at home. Posting fliers in schools and introducing yourself to staff during prom or graduation season can be lucrative as many students need their dresses and suits tailored. During the holiday season, many people require alterations as well as gifts made for loved ones, and during Halloween sewing work is available to create or alter costumes.

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