What Are Some Sewing Ideas for Kids?


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A water bottle bear and decorated gloves are some sewing ideas for kids recommended by Parents.com. The water bottle bear prevents condensation from dripping off water bottles in the summer.

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What Are Some Sewing Ideas for Kids?
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To make the water bottle bear, the child takes an adult sock, with a colored heel, that fits the water bottle. Next, she turns the sock inside-out and stuffs the heel with five to six cotton balls, creating a muzzle. Using a needle and thread, she sews the heel, leaving a half-inch gap. The child then turns the sock inside-out and sews from the center of the muzzle to the lower edge, using black embroidery floss. The child then sews a button nose to the top of the muzzle.

Next, the child slides the bottle into the sock and folds under any excess. To make the bear's ears, the child pinches the sides of the sock and safety pins them. The child then sews the ears where they are and removes the pins. To complete the bear, the child takes the sock off the water bottle and sews on eyes above the muzzle.

For the decorative gloves, the child takes a pair of winter gloves or mittens and sews a button onto the back of each one. The child then cuts felt into shapes, such as hearts or stars, and cuts a slit in the center of each shape; the slit should be just slightly longer than the width of the button. To finish the project, the child simply slips the shapes onto the buttons on the gloves.

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